The Houston-based Company opened for business in 1995, currently employing a combination of highly talented and skilled reservoir engineers, geologists and petrophysicists. W.D. Von Gonten & Co. has the reputation for providing the most widely accepted range of petroleum engineering, geological services, and petrophysical modeling to domestic and international oil and gas companies, midstream companies, and financial institutions. W.D. Von Gonten multi-disciplined approach to reservoir engineering makes the Company one of the most unique in the Industry.

We are uniquely qualified to deliver an impeccable quality of product and service, offering these competitive advantages:


WDVG has the ideal size and structure of first-rate staff to provide personalized service through the evolution of each project.

How We Work

WDVG utilizes multiple methodologies and analysis to evaluate projects accurately. WDVG is a full service firm offering comprehensive services that are performed thoroughly, objectively, and efficiently.


WDVG performs a broad scope of project sizes, types, complexities, and regions. Project types include: geologic, geophysical, petrophysical, geomechanic, reservoir simulation, reservoir engineering, midstream, and economic.


WDVG has experience in virtually every basin in the world. Over the years, WDVG has evaluated over 50,000 producing wells, excess of 5,000 logs and more than 1,000 cores.


WDVG has direct access to its own independent state of the art rock lab and is heavily invested in the latest software. WDVG is able to utilize this technology and enhance the overall project analysis.


WDVG has exposure to a variety of projects, regions, and disciplines that give WDVG insight into every critical area of the petroleum industry. The experienced staff, state of the art rock lab, and software keep WDVG ahead of the industry learning curve.

Analysis Process
Rock Properties

- Own State of Art Independent Rock Lab

- Reservoir & Mechanical Properties

W.D. Von Gonten Laboratories with W.D. Von Gonten & Co.
Production Engineering

Validate Model & Completion Optimization

> 20 Engineers
Reservoir Simulation

Compositional Reservoir Simulation

> 5 Senior Simulation Engineers

Model to Emulate Core results

> 3 Petrophysicists

Reservoir Properties, Geologic Model, & Varlance Analysis

> 7 Geoscientists

3D Hydraulic Fracture Modeling

WDVG Lab & Geomechanics Experts
Unconventional Reservoirs Evaluated

Areas that WDVG has worked are indicated by the circles

Our unique process and methodology to evaluate both unconventional and conventional reservoirs utilizes

Our process utilizes

  • Geology & Geophysics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Petrophysics
  • Reservoir Modeling
  • Rock Mechanics

Developed a Proprietary Process to Evaluate Hydraulic Fracture Connectivity in Unconventional Reservoirs and Improve Well Performance (patent pending)

Already processed over 10,000 feet of unconventional core

Our Philosophy

"Work all aspects of each trend with multiple available tools to develop the BEST possible answer".

10496 Old Katy Road, Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77043

Ph: 713-224-6333 Fax: 713-224-6330

William Von Gonten, Jr., President (RESUME)

Over 45 Engineers, Geoscientists, & Support Staff

10496 Old Katy Road, Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77043

Ph: 713-224-6333 Fax: 713-224-6330

William Von Gonten, Jr., President (RESUME)

Over 45 Engineers, Geoscientists, & Support Staff